Information about who is behind, why and how tradie builders and building companies in Perth can cost-effectively advertise their website online cheaply with lots of benefits for builders. Just to be clear, the prices listed below are for non-members of Builder Perth. The free benefits listed below are for $365 per year members of Builder Perth.

Why advertise building companies online in Perth?

You might have a website but it might need link juice and attention from me to get your brand out there and the building contracts coming in. Online advertising is a specialist skill that not all small Perth building companies can have the time or resources to maintain. Your time is best spent building buildings and not the expense of having an in-house marketing team or outsourced digital marketing agency. Following are some of the all included benefits of online advertising on BuilderPerth.building, free for members of Builder Perth.

What are the benefits of Builder Perth membership?

    Online ads support your building company’s brand. Not only on this website but many other sites.

      1. Free ad design, large, full-colour ads.
      2. @ $2 per day for non-members, that’s much cheaper online advertising that I know you’ve tried paying a popular search engine.
      3. An exclusive web page on this site about your Perth building company with at least a 600-word advertorial. If you don’t have a sales pitch ready, I’ll do SEO copywriting for Perth builders.
      4. From hypertext, not just a banner ad (image).Quality dofollow links. (Social sites only give you nofollow links)
        1. On PERTH-related websites eg:
        2. From a number of web pages.
      5. No contracts.
      6. Online ads are seen far and wide.
      7. Video marketing: Your Perth building company videos on my popular Perth Youtube Business channel. This House Construction in Perth video that I filmed for content production and content marketing has at the time of writing, had 48,000 views.
      8. In-person, in Perth, expert SEO consultation and other digital marketing advice.
      9. 10% discount on exact match domain name registration for members of this Perth Builders Association. (Joining fee is only $365 per year)
      10. Your Perth building company offices location on the Google Map of Perth Builders and on my Google Map of Perth which has had 1.5M views. If members and non-members want extra map pins on locations in Perth where you’ve built houses, including up to 10 optimised photos and or videos in each of your pins, then that would be an extra but cheap $70 per pin setup plus $50 per year per pin. Eg:

    Who Does The Best Online Advertising For Builders in Perth?

    That is me, Ben Grummels, this Perth builder website author. I’ve been providing online advertising services and other digital marketing for builders such as the ABN group of Perth home builders, years ago. I met Gary when I was staying next door to his house in Dunsborough. My main occupation is SEO. I’ve taught an SEO junior executive in the largest digital marketing agency in Perth. I like working from my home office in Perth’s northern suburbs but can travel to any Perth building company offices in Perth’s southern suburbs or anywhere in Western Australia, such as Broome where I played basketball for the Broome team.

    Why Did I Build The Builder Perth Website?

    I built the Builder Perth website to drive link juice to my Perth home-building clients. An additional benefit of this website is human traffic/buzz marketing to my Perth builder clients. It is also the reason why in 2024 free tradie marketing in Perth is giving free dofollow links from their new, unfinished, but functioning well Tradie 4U website.

    What can Perth builders buy for sale?

    Everything is for sale except my family. Perth builders can buy:

      1. The good exact match domain name with this website.
      2. Buy a copy of this website without the domain name.
      3. Buying other exact-match Perth domain names for sale that I own. Eg
      4. An exclusive page on this Builder Perth website at a rate of $500 per year. It’s free for members. (ABN Group did that with exclusive use of )
      5. Banner ads on a pay-per-click rate of $2 per click for non-member or $60 per month rate of online advertising on the HOME page and another page. Free for members including banner ad design.
      6. Free linked pins on
        1. The 1.7M viewed map of Perth.
        2. The new Google Map of Perth Builders.
      7. Digital marketing consultations including SEO consultations in Perth normally cost $120 per hour but are free for Builder Perth members.
      8. All members of Builder Perth, large and small Perth building companies get benefits from points 4 to 9 for free.


      How much is the 2024 PPC market rate for online advertising of Perth builders?

      Before I answer that, the question needs to be asked who sets the market online advertising rate in the PPC method of online ad investing? Answer: The biggest search engine: Online advertising for Perth building companies can be as high as nearly $12 per click and as low as $2.90 per click in 2024.


      What Perth businesses did digital marketing helped in 2024?

      Here’s a list of the best 2024 Perth businesses in Perth that I am helping with digital marketing. See the list of good SEO reviews by Perth business owners.

      What are good subcontracting business services for Perth building companies? See the list below.

      Second story home extention house renovation builder Perth

      The NuChange Building company in Perth’s northern suburbs specialise in building second story home extensions Perth wide. See photos of custom homes they have designed and built in Perth.

      What is a good cheap versatile secure

      20' 40' sea container sales Perth.

      storage option in Perth for Perth builders to store tools and building materials?

      Buying a 20′ and 40′ sea container for sale in Perth allows builders to uplift their gear from one building site to another with ease and security.


      360 3D vitual tours for Perth property developers.
      360 3D vitual tours for Perth property developers.

      360 3D virtual tour creation in Perth for Perth building companies.

      Virtual Staging Services Australia

      Mixed reality (MR) production services.

      Architectural rending Australia. Based in Perth, providing architectural rendering services worldwide.

      Roofing company Perth.

      New metal roof installations, roof repairs and roof replacement for large industrial roofing projects in Perth and Western Australia wide.

      Building construction finance loans Perth.

      New building construction finance broker in Perth‘s northern suburbs helping home builder clients quickly getting a yes to building loan approvals at low doc, low rates.


      TV antenna installation services Perth.

      If you Perth building company is constructing multiple homes know that TeleWest’s MATV system can have one TV antenna delivering a good TV signal to may homes in a TV signal delivery network. TeleWest also do cabling and secure TVs by installing TV wall mounts to help finish off the perfect home building construction project in Perth Western Australia. 


      If your TV antenna is too broken, Derek has a new for old TV aerial replacement service in Perth WA.


      Hire a good low cost gardener in Perth.

      Hire the best Perth gardeners nearby.

      James, Gardener Perth northern suburbs.

      Walter’s gardening services Perth in the southern suburbs of Perth.

      Andy’s eastern suburbs of Perth gardening services.


      Have a good Perth mobile mechanic come to your Perth building construction site to service your cars and trucks.


      Some Perth builders sometimes after years of hard physical work injure their knee or shoulder. All it takes is a twist or fall or misstep to cause chronic pain that gets worse as builders get older. Go and see a good Perth orthopaedic surgeon to assess your injury and perhaps fix it with orthopaedic surgery such as high-tech robot-assisted good Perth knee replacement.


      Pet dog accessories for sale online.

      If you’re a builder or tradie with a pet on site consider buying pet accessories including dog accessories such as a dog harness and no-pull dog leads.

      What is the best way to contact me for membership or cheap Perth builder online advertising?

      For more builder advertising information PHONE me on 0481 958 799 or fill out my online form on the Builder Perth contact page.

      Would you like your Perth building company online ads above and your Perth building company video marketing on my popular 2M view Youtube Channel?